Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

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Nurse-Family Partnership in Whatcom County
Whatcom County Health Department is proud to be implementing Nurse-Family Partnership.  Nurse-Family Partnership is a proven method of support for first-time Moms.  Through Nurse-Family Partnership new Moms and their families are supported by a nurse until the first child is two-years old.  This level of support is what many families need to thrive.  Research has shown that families and children that are part of Nurse-Family Partnership are more likely to be healthy and to succeed.
We serve first time low-income Moms in Whatcom County.  Women must enroll in the program prior to their 28th week of pregnancy.

For an overview of the Nurse-Family Partnership model you can download the Nurse-Family Partnership brochure or you can find in-depth information about the Nurse-Family Partnership by visiting their website.

If you are ready to make a referral you can download our referral form or call 360-778-6102