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David S. McEachran

Whatcom County Prosecutor

311 Grand Avenue, Suite 201
Bellingham, WA  98225
fax: 360-738-2532

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Eric J. Richey
Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Warren J. Page
Assistant Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Dan Gibson
Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Angela Cuevas
Assistant Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Kathy Walker
 Administrative Manager



Prosecuting Attorneys

Dona Bracke, Superior Court Division

Royce Buckingham, Civil Division
Dionne Clasen, Support  Enforcement Division
Shannon R. Connor, Superior Court Division
Nathan R. Deen, Superior Court Division
Karen Frakes, Civil Division
Elizabeth Gallery, Civil Division
David A. Graham, Superior Court Division
James T. Hulbert, Superior Court Division

Evan P. Jones, Juvenile Division
Kellen Kooistra, District Court Division 
Caitlin McGrane,  District Court Division

Jonathan Richardson, Superior Court Division
Jeffrey D. Sawyer, Superior Court Division
Melissa Stone,  District Court Division
Hilary Thomas, Appellate Division
Kimberly Thulin,  Appellate Division
Christopher D. Quinn, Superior Court Division
Brandon Waldron, Juvenile and District Court Division
Brenda Aasheim, Domestic Relations Coordinator - Family Support Division
Tara Adrian, Paralegal - Civil/Legal and Appellate Division

Jennifer Bonstein, Legal Assistant - Superior Court Division
Mandi Caldwell, Legal Assistant - Superior Court Division
Melody Eastman, Legal Assistant/Domestic Violence- Victim-Witness Unit
Joan Gaasland-Smith, Sexual Assault Case Specialist - Victim-Witness Unit

Erica Gissberg-Johnson, Coordinator - Support Enforcement Division
Birgit Grimsmo, Legal Assistant - Superior Court Division

Debra Hanna, Coordinator - Administration 
Pamela Hardesty
, Coordinator - Support  Enforcement Division
Karen Henken, Legal Assistant - District Court Division

Allie Lapelusa-McDonald, Legal Assistant - Support Enforcment Division
Monica Moriel, Legal Assistant/Receptionist - Administration 
Patty Hoyt, Paralegal
 - Support Enforcement Division
Donna Lucas, Legal Assistant/Restitution - Victim-Witness Unit

Amy Monroe, Legal Assistant/Lead - District Court Division
Dawn Rood, Legal Assistant/Confidential Secretary - Superior Court Division
Pauline Rose, Domestic Violence Case Specialist - Victim-Witness Unit
Tassi Schussman, Legal Assistant - Juvenile  & Superior Court Division
Naomi Stimson, Domestic Relations Coordinator - Support  Enforcement Division
Ann Stromberg, Legal Assistant - Superior Court Division

Terri Zemel, Paralegal - Civil/Legal Division