Juvenile Division

Warren J. Page
Assistant Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Brandon Waldron
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Evan P. Jones
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
       Tassi Schussman, Legal Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities:

Represent the interests of the State of Washington as legal counsel in the adjudication or diversion referral process relating to juveniles who:

  1. Commit felony or misdemeanor criminal offenses, excluding offenders over the age of sixteen who commit criminal traffic offenses;
  2. Violate conditions of probation;
  3. Are truant from school;
  4. Whose cases are appealed to the Court of Appeals.

Assist Law Enforcement Officers in:

  1. Determining probable cause for arrest of individuals;
  2. Obtaining search warrants;
  3. Interpreting the law and its application to particular situations or issues pertaining to case investigations.

Purpose and Benefit of  Service:

Providing effective prosecutorial intervention with juveniles who commit criminal acts is aimed at holding these minors accountable for their actions and behaviors which includes making the victim whole.