Civil Division          

Dan Gibson

Chief Civil Prosecuting Attorney
Karen Frakes
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Royce Buckingham
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Elizabeth Gallery
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Tara Adrian, Paralegal
       Terri Zemel, Paralegal
Angela Cuevas
Assistant Chief  Civil Prosecuting Attorney
Dionne Clasen
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Patty Hoyt, Paralegal
Naomi Stimson, Coordinator
Erica Gissberg-Johnson, Coordinator
Brenda Aasheim, Coordinator
Pam Hardesty, Coordinator
Allessandra Lapelusa-McDonald, Legal Assistant

1. Represent the interests of Whatcom County as legal counsel to the:
        ? Whatcom County Council
        ? County Executive
        ? Department Heads and other Elected Officials

2. Acts as counsel for the county in  litigation involving claims and actions in Tort and contracts

3. Represents the county’s interests at administrative or quasi-judicial hearings and involuntary commitment hearings

4. Represents the interest of the State and child, in legal actions brought under RCW 26 (Uniform Parentage Act), which include the establishment of paternity and/or enforcement of the payment of child support.  Note: paternity cases consist only of matters referred to this office by the Division of Children’s Services when the custodial parent or guardian is receiving State financial assistance.

Purpose and Benefit of Service:

1. To provide legal representation, as defined above, in order to limit the County’s exposure to legal liabilities and assist in ensuring County operations comport with statutory and regulatory requirements.

2. The goal for actions filed under RCW 26 is to secure financial support from both parents for their children in an effort to recoup or reduce the amount of money the State spends on public assistance.