Wildwood Resort Expansion Project

?Current Project Description

2017 Permits received and under review--Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, Shoreline Variance, Conditional Use Permit and associated SEPA review for the following:

  • expand the marine to add 28 new boat slips and add 12 jet ski and sailboat dock spaces located on existing docks in shallow water,
  • construction of 19 patio covers that were previously approved under an expired permit,
  • change of shop building to a renovated two bedroom cabin, and
  • dredge marina to remove approximately 130-150 cubic yards of gravel

Wildwood Resort Historical Timeline Summary

Wildwood Resort has been operating since the 1940's as a recreational resort. 

1940’s Operating as a recreational resort

1960’s                    Evidence of house, store and rental cabins

1960’s/1970’s       Evidence of recreational vehicle spaces

2001                       A shoreline substantial development permit and conditional use permit were approved to permit, repair and maintain four existing docks.

2007                       Granted a formal nonconforming use determination for a camp/resort

2007/2008            Applicant requested a shoreline substantial development and conditional use permit to renovate the resort and marina, replacement and reduction of RV pad spaces and installation of infrastructure

2010                       Applicant submitted revision request to Hearing Examiner to allow a temporary office and to allow for additional width for the marina dock fingers

2011                       Applicant Submitted revision request to Hearing Examiner to allow changes to lots 1-8, conversion of gravel parking area and impervious surface, RV lot layout, future campground area, and changing from RV sites to park model units.