Drawing Index

Drawing Indices

  1. 505.B-1 Public Rural Local and Minor Access Road Detail (PDF)
  2. 505.B-2 Public Rural Neighborhood Collector Detail (PDF)
  3. 505.B-3 Public Rural Arterial and Collector Road Detail (PDF)
  4. 505.C-1 Public Urban Local and Minor Access Street Detail (PDF)
  5. 505.C-2 Pocket Parking for Residential Street Detail (PDF)
  6. 505.C-3 Public Urban Neighborhood Collector Detail (PDF)
  7. 505.D-1 Public Urban Arterials, Collectors, Commercial & Industrial Street Detail (PDF)
  8. 505.D-2 Rural Commercial & Industrial Road Detail (PDF)
  9. 505.E-1 Rural Private Roads Serving Acreage Tracts Detail (PDF)
  10. 505.E-2 Urban Private Street Detail (PDF)
  11. 505.E-3 Paved Apron On Residential Rural Private Road Detail (PDF)
  12. 505.E-4 Paved Apron On Residential Urban Private Road Detail (PDF)
  13. 505.K-1 Median Strip Detail (PDF)
  14. 505.L-1 Cul-de-sac & Intersection Detail (PDF)
  15. 505.L-2 Private Road & Non-Maintained County Rights-Of-Way Turnaround Detail (PDF)
  16. 505.U-1 Special District Street Section - Less Than 100 ADT (PDF)
  17. 505.U-2 Special District Alternative Street Section - Less Than 100 ADT (PDF)
  18. 505.U-3 Special District Sample Pocket Parking - Less Than 100 ADT (PDF)
  19. 505.U-4 Typical Street Section - 100-500 ADT (PDF)
  20. 505.U-5 Special District Sample Pocket Parking - 100-500 ADT (PDF)
  21. 508.A-1 Sidewalk Detail (PDF)
  22. 508.A-2 Sidewalk / Curb & Gutter Drain Detail (PDF)
  23. 508.A-3 Sidewalk & Shoulder Transition Detail (PDF)
  24. 508.C-1 Roadway with Bike Facility Detail (PDF)
  25. 508.D-1 Driveway Approach Culvert Installation Detail (PDF)
  26. 508.D-2 Curb & Gutter Driveway Approach Detail (PDF)
  27. 508.D-3 New Driveway & Road Approach Location Detail (PDF)
  28. 508.D-4 Paved Apron on Private Driveway Detail (PDF)
  29. 508.E-1 Handrail for a Rock Retaining Wall Detail (PDF)
  30. 508.E-2 Handrail Detail (PDF)
  31. 508.F-1 Curb Detail (PDF)
  32. 508.F-2 Standard Catch Basin Frame & Grate Detail (PDF)
  33. 508.F-3 Thru-Curb Inlet Catch Basin Frame & Grate Detail (PDF)
  34. 508.F-4 Rolled Curb Frame & Grate (PDF)
  35. 508.G-1 Curb Ramp Detail -Type 1 (PDF)
  36. 508.G-2 Curb Ramp Detail -Type 2 (PDF)
  37. 508.G-3 Curb Ramp Detail -Type 3 (PDF)
  38. 508.G-4 Curb Ramp Detail -Type 4 (PDF)
  39. 508.G-5 Curb Ramp Location Detail (PDF)
  40. 508.H-1 Permanent Control Monument Detail (PDF)
  41. 508.I-1 Mailbox Detail (PDF)
  42. 508.N-1 Road Name Sign Detail (PDF)
  43. 510.D-1 Minimum Improvements for Opening Public Rights-of-Way Detail (PDF)
  44. 510.E-1 Gravel Road Conversions to Bituminous Surface Treatment Detail (PDF)
  45. 512.E-1 Rural Road Standard Utility Location Detail (PDF)
  46. 512.E-2 Urban Street Standard Utility Location Detail (PDF)
  47. 512.E-3 Trench Repair Detail (PDF)
  48. 512.E-4 Pavement Restoration Detail (PDF)
  49. 512.F-1 County Maintained Roadway Cut Repair (PDF)